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A message for the season...

Merry Christmas to All!

~ God bless you into 2015 ~


Our very generous community of supporters often give at this time of year. But please note that if you want a tax receipt for your 2014 return we must receive all gifts by December 30. Final deposits will be made December 31 and after that Micah House will only be able to receipt you for the next tax year.

The House is warm and beautiful - all we need now is the snow! Snow would be a first for many of the people we serve and its always thrilling to watch them enjoy it.
Have a blessed Christmas.

Welcome home!
house We are a home for ordinary people seeking asylum from danger, terror and persecution. When refugee claimants arrive, they are lonely, confused and unsure about what is required of them.  Micah House intercepts them at this vulnerable point to provide our unique services and bring direction to their circumstances.

Our guests tell us that when they were at a low point in their life, full of doubt and uncertainty, Micah House became their family when they were separated from their own.

Welcome home.


Myths About Refugees

MYTH: Canada respects the rights of all refugees and immigrants living in Canada.

Canadians are rightly proud of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms and our human rights commitments, but our record is not spotless. The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child has repeatedly criticized Canada for its slowness in reuniting refugee families.Furthermore, new laws for determination are reliant upon a refugee's country of origin. Therefore not all refugees are treated equally.

MYTH: People who use smugglers are less likely to be refugees in need of protection.

This is false.  People fleeing persecution often have no choice but to turn to smugglers to help them escape.  How people arrive in Canada tells us nothing about why they left their country of origin.  To decide if they need Canada's protection we need to know why they left and what dangers they face if they returned.

MYTH: Refugee claimants pose threats to Canada's security.

Refugee claimants are not threats to security – they are seeking security and protection from threats to their own lives.By definition, refugee claimants present themselves to the Canadian government. Anyone meaning to harm Canada or Canadians would never choose to do this because an antagonist wants to remain unknown to authorities.

MYTH: Canada does more than its share to assist refugees and asylum seekers when compared to other countries.

On the contrary, international law recognizes that refugees often have no choice but to enter a country of asylum illegally.

MYTH: Refugee claimants are "queue jumpers."

This is false.  There is no queue for refugees.  International law guarantees that people fleeing persecution have the right to go to another country and seek asylum - that is why Canada has a refugee determination system.If your life is in danger, you run.  You do not stand still and wait for help to come to you.

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