Who are refugee claimants? Micah House exclusively serves refugee claimants.  In our context a refugee claimant is a person who is seeking Canada’s protection from individual and personalized persecution within their home country. While in Canada they submit an application to the Federal Government complete with evidence for their claim. If they succeed they will become a Protected Person and begin the journey toward Canadian Citizenship. Refugee Claimants are neither sponsored by individuals nor the government.

Are the guests at Micah House in Canada illegally? No. The Geneva Convention allows people to cross international borders (in any manner & by any means) for the purpose of seeking asylum as long as they make their presence and intent known to authorities within a reasonable timeframe.

How do your guests find you? Word of mouth, references from local agencies, references from points of entry and sometimes through a basic web-search.

Are you a registered charity? Yes. We are a registered, non-profit in good standing with Revenue Canada and Industry Canada.

Micah House is a ministry of the Christian Church. Are you affiliated with a particular church or denomination? Do you only help & accept professing Christians? Micah House is not affiliated with a Christian denomination however we do adhere to and accept the statement of faith rendered by the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.

Guests commonly have a wide variety of faiths and beliefs. All faiths are welcome and none are disqualified from our service.

Where does your funding come from? Church budgets & gifts, individual donors, grants and fundraising events. There is no federal funding available for service to refugee claimants.  We have two fundraising events every year;  Ride for Refuge (October) and the Faces of Micah House Banquet (October/November).

We can’t possibly post a response to all frequently asked questions so if you have a question or a concern please give us a call. The team would be pleased to hear from you.