The Team

Rev. Scott Jones (Executive Director)

He is responsible to oversee all facets of Micah House, including vision, strategy, staff, education and spiritual leadership.


David & Nina Drenth (Facility Managers)

They live at Micah House, keep the place safe and functioning smoothly, provide a liaison for volunteer groups and Meal Hosts, and do several other things to bring God’s love, peace and continuity to Micah House guests.

Helen Reader (Case Manager)

She is in the office four days a week to oversee the implementation of every guest file.  She ensures that all guests receive the kind of caring and trustworthy treatment our guests deserve. She is the force that makes things happen.


Joan Thiesen (Bookkeeper)

She has been with Micah House since our doors opened in 2006.  She works out of her home and makes sure that our books are balanced and that our bills are paid.

Joanne Kater (Administrator)

She ensures that all incoming funds are directed to their proper place and accounted for.  Joanne also plays an ongoing role coming alongside all of our fundraisers, and oversees our in-house data base.

___ (Volunteer Coordinator)

Position is currently unfilled.  All our thanks to LeeAnna for doing a great job, and now enjoying her new little boy!