Your spare room could be someone’s Launchpad.

Micah House has a space problem: we have limited space to host newcomers, but receive many requests and frequently have to turn people away.

That’s where you come in!

As a Launchpad host home, you would offer a room to a newcomer who has already lived at Micah House and is almost ready to transition to their first apartment–they just need a room for a few weeks until they can start in their own apartment.

We’re especially looking for people living in neighbourhoods near Micah House, to minimize the transition for our newcomer friends.

Want to get involved or learn more? Keep reading or contact Danielle at

What are past hosts saying?

“We would definitely recommend becoming a Launchpad host! It is a great opportunity to be able to help someone as they transition into Canada, to learn their story and to share in their journey. It was a great experience and we have made a new friend.”
-Ginelle and Casey Bucher

“We were overwhelmed by how positive this experience is. The three of them came to see us as their Canadian “mom and dad,” and that was very moving. We hope very much to stay in touch with them.”
-Syd and Evelyn Hielema

Frequently asked questions:

The Launchpad program is flexible–we find out what works for you and what you’re comfortable with, and we match you with a newcomer who fits well.

Do I need to have previous experience with newcomers?
Ideally, hosts would have had previous experience, perhaps as a Micah House meal host.

How long will my guests stay with me?
Ideally for 2-6 weeks.

Is there payment involved?
No, you would not be paid for hosting.

How much space would I share with my guest(s)?
If the space you’re providing is a separate apartment with its own amenities, there could be very little shared space. If you’re providing a bedroom, the guest will need to share other living spaces with you/your family, such as bathroom, kitchen, or living room space.

Would my Launchpad guests speak English?
We’ll talk through what you’re comfortable with. If you would rather that your guest have some English skills, we can keep that in mind while matching you. Now that many people use Google Translate and other apps, language barriers are not insurmountable.

Would my guests eat with me/my family? Would they contribute to groceries?
This is up to you. It’s great if they can eat with you at least sometimes, for the sake of getting to know each other. They do receive limited government support.

Would my pet be a problem?
Some guests are not accustomed to living with pets or may have different cultural understandings of animals, so we would make sure your guest is aware of your pet and comfortable with it before matching you.

What’s involved in applying?
Send an email to Danielle ( She’ll meet with you by phone or in person to talk through the program. Then, if you decide you’re interested, you’ll be asked to submit copies of recent police checks and sign a confidentiality agreement. Then we wait for a good match!

How long would I have to wait to host a newcomer?
It can take a while to find the right match. It will take less time if you’re more open to various kinds of guests, but there’s no pressure! We want a match that works well for everyone.